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(август, 2001 год)

    Оригинальные статьи


A comparison of 3 types of covered metal stents for the palliation of patients with dysphagia caused by esophagogastric carcinoma: A prospective, randomized study
P. D. Siersema, W. C. J. Hop, M. van Blankenstein, A. J. P. van Tilburg, D-J. Bac, M. Y. V. Homs, E. J. Kuipers



Long-term follow-up after biliary stent placement for postoperative bile duct stenosis
J. J. G. H. M. Bergman, L. Burgemeister, M. J. Bruno, E. A. J. Rauws, D. J. Gouma, G. N. J. Tytgat, K. Huibregtse



Long-term results of endoscopic management of postoperative bile duct strictures with increasing numbers of stents
G. Costamagna, M. Pandolfi, M. Mutignani, C. Spada, V. Perri



Routine versus “on demand” sedation and analgesia for colonoscopy: A prospective randomized controlled trial
V. Terruzzi, G. Meucci, F. Radaelli, N. Terreni, G. Minoli



Diagnostic yield of open access colonoscopy according to appropriateness
S. Morini, C. Hassan, G. Meucci, A. Toldi, A. Zullo, G. Minoli



Cisapride does not improve precolonoscopy bowel preparation with either sodium phosphate or polyethylene glycol electrolyte lavage
J. Martiacutenek, J. Hess, J. Delarive, P. Jornod, A. Blum, D. Pantoflickova, M. Fischer, G. Dorta



Novel adaptation of brush cytology technique for short-term primary culture of squamous and Barrett's esophageal cells
R. C. Fitzgerald, M. J. G. Farthing, G. Triadafilopoulos



Metachronous squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus arising after endoscopic mucosal resection
Y. Shimizu, H. Tukagoshi, M. Fujita, M. Hosokawa, M. Kato, M. Asaka



Light-induced autofluorescence spectroscopy for the endoscopic detection of esophageal cancer
B. Mayinger, P. Horner, M. Jordan, C. Gerlach, T. Horbach, W. Hohenberger, E. G. Hahn



Endoscopic management of tumors of the major duodenal papilla: Refined techniques to improve outcome and avoid complications
D. J. Desilets, R. M. Dy, P. M. Ku, B. L. Hanson, E. Elton, A. Mattia, D. A. Howell



Stent placement in the pancreatic duct prevents pancreatitis after endoscopic sphincter dilation for removal of bile duct stones
T. Aizawa, N. Ueno



Bacteremia after endoscopic injection of N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate for gastric variceal bleeding
W-C. Chen, M-C. Hou, H-C. Lin, K-W. Yu, F-Y. Lee, F-Y. Chang, S-D. Lee



High-resolution endoscopic imaging of the GI tract: A comparative study of optical coherence tomography versus high-frequency catheter probe EUS
A. Das, M. V. Sivak, Jr., A. Chak, R. C. K. Wong, V. Westphal, A. M. Rollins, J. Willis, G. Isenberg, J. A. Izatt



   At The Focal Point…


Acute necrotizing esophagitis
C. de la Serna-Higuera, J. Martínez, M-I. Martín-Arribas, S. Rodríquez-Gómez, A. Pérez-Villoria, A. Betancou



Villous adenoma of the common hepatic duct
J. H. Colarian, C. J. Wescott



Choledochocolonic fistula secondary to primary choledocholithiasis
A. Güitrón-Cantú, R. Adalid-Martínez, R. Barinagarrementeria-Aldatz, V. Carrillo-Maciel, J. A. Gutiérrez-Bermúdez, E. Meza-Mata



Duodenal metastasis from lung cancer presenting as obstructive jaundice
K-A. Lee, S-K. Lee, D-W. Seo, M-H. Kim



   Новые методы и материалы


Usefulness of Dennis Colorectal Tube in endoscopic decompression of acute, malignant colonic obstruction
A. Horiuchi, H. Maeyama, Y. Ochi, A. Morikawa, K. Miyazawa



The role of percutaneous transhepatic papillary balloon dilation in percutaneous choledochoscopic lithotomy
J. H. Moon, Y. D. Cho, C. B. Ryu, J. O. Kim, J. Y. Cho, Y. S. Kim, J. S. Lee, M. S. Lee, C. S. Shim



   Клинические случаи


Placement of PEG tubes through previously placed self-expanding esophageal metal stents
D. G. Adler, T. H. Baron, W. Geels, D. E. Morgan, K. E. Monkemuller



Pancreatic clonorchiasis diagnosed by EUS-guided pancreatic duct aspiration
R. Lai, B. Linzie, S. Mallery



Colonoscopic clipping of fecal fistula that occurred as a postoperative complication in patients with perforated appendicitis: Two case reports
S-O. Lee, Y. J. Jeong



Endoscopic closure of a colovesical fistula
B. C. Jacobson, D. R. Briggs, D. L. Carr-Locke



Clinical and endoscopic improvement of lymphocytic gastritis with eradication of Helicobacter pylori
Y. Shimoyama, M. Mukai, Y. Asato, A. Ochiai



Tension pneumothorax complicating ERCP in a patient with a Billroth II gastrectomy
C-K. Hui, K-C. Lai, M-F. Yuen, S-K. Lam





Esophagitis dessicans superficialis with bulla in chronic renal failure: A case report
H. Devarbhavi, J. F. Alvares



Iatrogenic perforation of the colon during diagnostic colonoscopy: Endoscopic treatment with clips
F. Mana, K. De Vogelaere, D. Urban



Intramural cyst of the bile duct demonstrated by cholangioscopy and intraductal US
I. A. Scotiniotis, M. L. Kochman



Failure of ERCP to identify biliary leak after laparoscopic cholecystectomy
M. M. Moloney, W. J. Owen, M. L. Wilkinson



Endoscopic removal of a phytobezoar obstructing the distal small bowel
H. S. Chae, S. S. Kim, S. W. Han, C. D. Lee, K. Y. Choi, I. S. Chung, H. S. Sun, C. H. An



Ileal carcinoid tumor with a rose-shaped appearance by dye spraying: Diagnosis at colonoscopy
H. Yamauchi, I. Hirata, S-i. Sasaki, Y. Egashira, N. Hamamoto, M. Murano, K. Toshina, S. Ueda, K. Maemura, K-i. Katsu



   Передовые статьи


A practical guide for choosing an expandable metal stent for GI malignancies: Is a stent by any other name still a stent?
T. H. Baron



Long-term follow-up after biliary stent placement for postoperative bile duct stenosis
J. G. Lee, J. W. Leung



   Эндоскопия по всему миру


Somatostatin plus isosorbide mononitrate versus somatostatin in the control of acute gastro-oesophageal variceal bleeding: A double blind randomised, placebo controlled trial
T. Wong, M. L. Wilkinson


F. Junquera, J. C. Lopez-Talavera



Dilation of benign strictures following low anterior resection using Savary-Gilliard bougies
A. Geller, E. Gal



Endoscopic treatment of benign anastomotic colorectal stenosis with electrocautery
A. Geller, E. Gal




GI endoscopy in Lebanon: Past, present, and future
A. Soweid, M. Shammaa, K. Khouri



   Письма редактору


Endoscopic markers in celiac disease: Are they useful?
E. Brocchi, L. Mangia, G. Epifanio, B. Misitano, R. Corinaldesi


M. T. Bardella, G. Minoli, F. Radaelli, M. Quatrini, P. A. Bianchi, D. Conte



Distal rectal tumors are always closer (to the anus) than they seem
W. C. Cirocco


J. B. Marshall



Substantial surveillance bias in an unblinded study of pain and adverse effects associated with nitrous oxide inhalation or standard medication for colonoscopy
S. C. Faddy


G. M. Forbes, B. J. Collins



Cost minimization analysis of alternative strategies for initial staging of esophageal cancer
G. C. Harewood, M. J. Wiersema


A. Sahai




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